WATERTECH is a leading global provider in the water and gas meter industry.

The Management has identified in the full satisfaction of its customers, employees and in the improvement of the company’s performance, the priority objectives of its Policy for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in the workplace. All carried out according to the standards:
 UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
 UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
 STANDARD OHSAS 18001:2007 (UNI EN ISO 45001)
WATERTECH, in view of its business activities is committed to abiding by environmental and safety laws and seeking continuous improvement of the company’s performance through a comprehensive management of the company’s risk, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01.
Its internal laboratory, accredited according to UNI EN ISO 17025, ensures the highest standards are achieved and maintained during the inspection of its water meters and provides customers with a tailored after-sales service.
The Management believes that the quality of the products supplied and its support service, obtained through its continuous commitment at each stage of the business process, is key to maintaining the existing strong market positions and, possibly, to further improve these over time.
Setting objectives to:
 modernise and improve the performance of the product range by developing and updating smart water metering systems;
 expand the product line by adding a range of gas meters to its vast range of water meters;
 tackle exports by searching for new markets, in particular, in emerging countries;
 operate in a production process that takes into consideration the size of the risks of the business activities;
 prevent accidents, incidents and potential professional illnesses, managing non-conformity to avoid, where possible, any occurrence
   or repetition;
 design, manufacture and market products seeking to minimise the environmental impact throughout the product’s service life;
 use production technologies, for advanced testing and control to guarantee both reliability and accuracy capable of meeting the needs
    of the most demanding customers and the regulatory requirements of target markets, and to minimise, above all through recycling a
    natural resource such as water, the environmental impact of its activities;
 identify external and internal environmental factors that may deviate its processes and QSA System from the expected results / key
    requirements of important stakeholders and implement appropriate preventive controls to minimise the negative effects and maximise
    the opportunities, when these arise (“risk-based thinking”), in compliance with the strategies of the organisation.

To reach these objectives it has developed an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System based on the following principles:
 ensure continual compliance with applicable Laws and regulations;
 fully comply with and, where appropriate, anticipate legislative developments, voluntary agreements or further requirements regarding
    Health and Safety at Work and Environmental Health and Safety, simultaneously ensuring full compliance of the above-mentioned
    requirements through structured and planned activities;
 engage directly in the development of the QSA System, in particular through annual measurable improvement targets;
 constant commitment to meeting the customer’s needs – such as conformity to legal and product requirements as described in the
    type-examination certificate – and continuously improve the QSA System, systematically controlling the management
    of non-conformity;
 guarantee and monitor customer satisfaction;
 maintain the current level of motivation, involvement and professionalism of staff through:
   - a corporate climate capable of motivating, involving and making employees ever more professional, also to attract and maintain the
      best resources;
   - continuous updating of new technologies involved in our activities:
 maintain a high level of competitiveness and product quality – also through product and process research – to meet the most
   demanding needs and requirements and effectively counter aggressive competitor marketing, to support the excellent commercial
   and technical capabilities;
 maintain the wide rangeability and flexibility of response to customers together with a high level of knowledge of markets, competitors
   and new products, in order to overcome situations of protectionism that are more or less dormant, of low-cost manufacturers
   (Far East) and innovative products;
 keep updated with equipment at our disposal (e.g. new generation management software) and introduction of increasingly high
   performance equipment and technologies;
 identify, where possible eliminate, control and improve – according to a priority criteria and through long, medium and short-term
   objectives – situations of risk related to business activities, reducing the residual risk and favouring a preventive approach;
 provide staff training, suitable human resources, equipment and infrastructures and adopt work procedures and standards within the
   business monitoring the full compliance, in order to continually improve the protection of Health and Safety at Work
   and of the Environment;
 promote full compliance of suitable codes of conduct and monitor the effectiveness of these actions also through the example of higher
   organisational levels that act as role models within the whole corporate structure;
 prepare and deal effectively with emergencies and incidents that may occur during the course of company activities;
 involve and consult employees (including through their representatives) and raise awareness of all staff working at and for
 periodically check direct environmental aspects and assess the environmental impacts due to products, services, activities, processes,
   equipment and new systems and their modifications;
 collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders, both public and private, including those involved in environmental protection and
   prevention of emergencies, appropriately contributing to its role in the collectivity;
 implement an open and collaborative communication with authorities, regulatory bodies and other interested parties and promote
   culture geared towards Health and Safety at Work and of the Environment

Canelli, 08-01-2019
Chief Executive Officer WATERTECH S.p.A.
Enrico Luigi PARODI