WaterTech is a leading company in:
  • Design and production of water and gas meters through the assembly, testing and packaging phases;
  • Marketing of water and gas meters, related test and testing equipment, water supply equipment and technical assistance

The Board of Directors of WaterTech has identified:


of Sustainability ESG (Environment - Social - Governance) Watertech and the the full satisfaction of the relevant needs and expectations of Customers, Staff and other interested parties as the purpose of its Policy for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety and,


the Integrated System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI EN ISO 45001, Legislative Decree 231/01, and Regulation 1221/2009 EMAS and subsequent amendments, Directives 2014/32 / UE and 2015/13 / UE, Law n. 287/90 (antitrust compliance) and subsequent amendments, SA8000 in an overall management logic of the business risk.

Furthermore, the internal laboratory, accredited UNI EN ISO 17025, (LAT n ° 257) guarantees the achievement and maintenance of the best standards in the verification of water meters and also ensures customers an adequate after-sales service at the highest levels.

The Board of Directors of WaterTech, aware that the Quality of the products and the assistance service are the key to maintaining and further improving the leading positions on the market over time, has established the following objectives and commitments:

  • identification of the relevant requirements of the interested parties, of the elements of the external / internal context that could cause the Integrated System to deviate from the established objectives and the related risks and opportunities through planning - from a preventive perspective - and implementation of the Integrated System to mitigate the negative effects associated with risks and maximize the positive effects associated with opportunities, (“risk-based thinking”), according to priority criteria connected to the WaterTech strategy;
  • ongoing activities for identification, periodic assessment and mitigation (where necessary) of both the dangers and risks for Health and Safety at work, both Administrative Responsibility, for Social Responsibility (including respect for workers' rights),and environmental aspects - also from an LCA perspective - that derive from products, services, activities, processes, new equipment and systems and their modifications.
  • full compliance with applicable laws, international instruments relating to Social Responsibility and respect for workers' rights, Regulation 1221/2009 and subsequent amendments, Directives 2014/32 / EU and 2015/13 / EU, voluntary agreements and other compliance obligations - also of an authorization nature - by systematically verifying their status with respect to the aforementioned obligations through structured and planned activities;
  • expression of competition as a founding value of business activity and full compliance with Law no. 287/90 (antitrust compliance) and subsequent amendments, also through:
    • development of a specific compliance program - expressly intended for the prevention of antitrust risk and explicitly supported by top management, also through their concrete involvement in the implementation and monitoring of the program itself - to which sufficient company resources are allocated to the design, implementation and monitoring;
    • identification of a program manager who is recognized as having autonomy, independence, resources and adequate tools and who reports directly to top management;
  • full alignment with all the requirements of the SA8000 standard and compliance with the related conventions and regulations, in order to protect and enhance the people falling within the sphere of control and influence of WaterTech and in particular:
    • Prohibition of child, forced or risky labor: WaterTech complies with the ILO Convention n. 138 (Minimum age) and n. 182 (Worst forms of child labor, however providing remedial action. WaterTech does not accept the use of forced labor (“modern-slavery”, ILO Conventions n. 105, n. 29 and protocol P029));
    • Health & Safety: WaterTech is committed to improving the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, with the aim of eliminating hazards and assessing and reducing risks for Health and Safety at work for the people under its control or influence and who carry out work activities in WaterTech or related to them (ILO Convention n. 155 and rec. n. 164);
    • Freedom of opinion, association and collective bargaining: WaterTech respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. WaterTech respects every democratic opinion and does not pay financial contributions to political parties or forces (ILO Conventions n. 154 and n. 87, .n 98 and n. 164);
    • Equal opportunities: WaterTech does not discriminate on the basis of characteristics such as age, nationality, culture, ethnicity, religion, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity and / or expression, political opinion or other personal and social beliefs, health or economic conditions , disability, and always recognizes equal opportunities for people, using those most qualified for a specific job (ILO Conventions n. 100 and n. 111);
    • Prohibition of corporal punishment: WaterTech does not accept the use of corporal punishment or other forms of physical and mental coercion;
    • Work and pay: employees are hired solely on the basis of regular employment contracts, as no form of irregular work is tolerated. WaterTech complies with laws and industry standards regarding working hours, including overtime, and recognizes the right to fair remuneration (ILO Convention No. 131)
  • promotion of full compliance with appropriate behavioral rules - also through the example of higher organizational levels that act as role models towards the entire company structure - and monitoring the effectiveness of such actions;
  • modernization, expansion and improvement of the product line - also through product and process research - to ensure a high level of competitiveness and product quality (for example: developing and updating electronic smart-metering systems);
  • search for new markets (in particular in emerging countries), operations through equipment, means (eg: new generation management software) and increasingly performing technologies - also from a metrological and environmental impact point of view - and a production process that takes into account the extent of the risks of its activities;
  • maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of response towards customers together with a high level of knowledge of the markets, competitors and new products, in order to overcome potential situations of protectionism and innovative products;
  • fulfillment of customer requirements - such as compliance with legal and product requirements as described in the type examination certificate;
  • staff training and training, providing adequate equipment and infrastructures and adopting work procedures and standards in order to continuously improve the safeguarding of health and safety in the workplace and the environment, also through constant monitoring through internal and external audits;
  • maintaining the current level of motivation, involvement and professionalism of the staff through:
    • a corporate climate capable of motivating, involving, raising awareness and making all the people who work in and for WaterTech increasingly participatory and professional, also to attract and retain the best resources;
    • constant updating on the new technologies of our business;
  • collaboration and cooperation with the interested parties, both public and private:
    • who is engaged in the protection of the environment and in the prevention of emergencies, providing an adequate contribution to their role in the community;
    • who work in and for WaterTech and their possible representatives through consultation and participation with the aim of safeguarding and improving health and safety at work;
    • who carries out audits - with or without notice - in order to ascertain compliance with standards and compliance obligations;
  • involvement of interested parties through open and collaborative communication with the authorities, control bodies, the external community and other interested parties (for example: through the Code of Ethics and the Environmental Declaration) and dissemination of a culture oriented towards Sustainability ESG;
  • development of the Integrated QSA System and continuous improvement of business performance through the management of annual objectives, in a logic of overall business risk management, in line with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01, also with regard to:
    • the management of non-conformities and external reporting and the measurement and management, with a view to improving, customer satisfaction;
    • the prevention of accidents, accidents and potential occupational diseases, managing any nonconformities to avoid, where possible, their occurrence or recurrence;
    • reduction of the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products / improvement of environmental performance related to its aspects.
References / contact details
  • Organismo di certificazione: DNV Business Assurance Italy S.r.l. - Via Energy Park, 14, 20871 Vimercate (MB) - Tel. +39 039 6899905 - e-mail:;
  • SAAS/SAI - 9 East 37th Street, 10th floor - New York - NY 10016 United States of America - Email: - tel. +1-212-391-2106 ext. 223, extension 204.

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